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  • Baby Shower
    AUGUST SPECIAL! INCLUDES 3 FREE GIFTS Baby shower gift box. Something for mum, and something for baby Unbelievable value. 8 items for price of 5! SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS ABOUT WHAT IS INCLUDED    
  • Better For You

    Be the change you wish to see in the world and spoil yourself or someone else with a mass + muster ‘Better for You’ gift box. Not only is this gift box better for you, it’s better for the environment and better for the home, resulting in a happier everything!

  • For Her Plastic Free
    Buying gifts doesn’t have to mean you are contributing to this overwhelming life cycle of plastics. This carefully curated `For Her Plastic Free’ gift box is completely single use plastic free, so you can forget the guilt and spoil a certain someone in your life that is on her journey to living more sustainably.
  • Green living
    If you could capture in one box 8 small items that will help your transition to sustainable living, this mass + muster gift box would be it. We have picked items that can easily be swapped and incorporated into your life, nothing fancy and no fuss. This box is to educate all those that use household items on the daily, probably without much thought as to how they affect the environment.
  • For her luxe
    This box is for the friend that is working endless hours for a promotion, the mother that always provides insightful advice, the sister who is going through a break-up and for the daughter who runs her own business and doesn’t have time to breathe, let alone have a bath. A gift that means so much more and is bound to brighten both the giver and receiver’s day.  
  • For her indulge
    Indulge; to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something OR to allow (someone) to indulge in that which is desired. In this case our carefully curated mass + muster `For Her Indulge’ gift box is perfect to buy for yourself because we are big believers in me-time involving pampering, or for someone special in your life that needs a little extra love. This gift is a timely reminder that making the effort to slow down, relax and indulge doesn’t have to be a block of chocolate and a bottle of wine, which can often make you feel worse. It’s time to show your body, mind and spirit what indulge really means.        
  • First trimester
    This feel good gift box is for new mamas in their first few months of pregnancy to help nurture their ever-changing body and to meditate the mind and still the soul, all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Second trimester
    This magical gift box is for mums-to-be in their second trimester of pregnancy, the glorious time when the dreaded morning sickness has hopefully worn off, they have told their nearest and dearest and their body begins to change on the outside in a beautiful way, namely a cute growing belly. This is generally the most comfortable of all the trimesters and when energy starts to pick back up, meaning there is more motivation to get back into eating, restorative exercise and looking after your skin the natural way - since skin absorbs everything we put on it and all. ***Note- Current items nearing expiry have been substituted for suitable item, at similar or higher value.
  • Third trimester
    The last trimester signals being on the home stretch, and in some ways these final three months are almost like the initial three months, with increased tiredness and heightened emotions. A time when everything starts to get a little more stretched and simple daily tasks such as tying your shoelaces become a bit more of a struggle. We have selected only the finest items to include in this mass + muster gift box, items that are all essential to enjoy in the weeks leading up to the birth, or practical enough to pop into the hospital bag.   
  • Baby is here
    The pure and 100% natural products in this gift box are all included to make things a little easier for those first initial weeks once a new baby has come home. Soft and soothing bath products that make the bath routine a beautiful bonding time with nothing but ingredients from nature for a newborn. Also included are eco-friendly nursing pads, making life a little more comfortable for breastfeeding mamas, and just another way to improve our war on waste.  
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Free Shipping

FREE shipping is included for all mass + muster gift boxes within Australia. Your mass + muster Luxe gift box, nesting box, or Eco friendly home gift box will be shipped within
48 hours. Express services available, details in checkout.

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Unwrap and Enjoy

Unwrap your mass + muster gift box, and find Australian brands that have produced wholesome skincare
and beauty. Or natural products for everyday home use. Sustainable, plant-based, toxin free.

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Sustainable Living

Give a gift box to those ladies in your lives, or to a special mum to be. Our sustainable living home gift box is suitable for corporate/staff gifting. Really any occasion will do.


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