10 Ways to Live with Less Plastic

Plastic pollution is a serious issue due to the amount we are absentmindedly using and only using once before throwing away, because of our on-the-go busy lifestyles. The accumulation of this plastic waste in the environment adversely affects not only our wildlife, but the Earth itself, being a major contributor to climate change. This happens when too much plastic is disposed of in one area and due to its toxic ingredients that are known to cause illness – it can kill plants, harm wild animals and us as well, breathing in polluted air and drinking contaminated water…Have we got your attention?

The current and future state of the Earth begins and ends with us and the effort we put into implementing small changes in our daily lives. mass + muster have now introduced a new green living gift box collection that is full of zero single use plastic, plastic free, reusable and recycle items with a focus on living more sustainably.

Read on to find out how you can significantly reduce your reliance on single-use plastic. With no demand, there will be no supply, that’s all there is to it.

Invest in a Re-usable Drink Bottle:

Buying bottled water is ludicrous in a country like Australia where you can drink the tap water, which is actually more regulated and safer to drink than bottled water, would you believe? If you don’t have a re-usable stainless steel drink bottle by now, then you need to get one tomorrow. Get one for your car, your handbag and gymbag and the workplace so you are never without access to free water.  Also, Lifestraw https://www.lifestraw.com/ is a great investment if you travel a bunch, and is even the perfect addition to your camping and hiking adventures making contaminated water safe to drink, with it’s inbuilt water purifying system.

Get a Keep-cup:

Did you know four takeaway coffee cups = 1 ounce of carbon emission. You don’t have to go on a plane to create carbon emissions. Us Aussies throw away 1 billion of these bad boys a year. Not only is that creating waste and carbon emissions, it is also using precious resources; 20 million trees per year, in fact. Invest in a ceramic keep-cup (like the one in our mass + muster Green Living and Better for You Boxes) and pop it in your handbag so it’s always with you when you need your morning cup of joe. And if on some days, you forget, sit down and have your coffee in the cafe, take some time to relax and enjoy it. If you need to make your morning meeting, then just ask for no plastic lid. It’s about progress, not perfection.

Don’t Forget your Shopping Bags

This one is one enforced by the supermarkets now, which is a step in the right direction, but they still sell plastic and ‘supposedly’ reusable bags that are thicker and take longer to break down. Coles and Woolworths say the bag ban diverted about 4.7 billion single use plastic bags from landfill in 12 months, BUT the demand for plastic garbage bags sky-rocketed. We need to remember our shopping totes! Invest in a cute cane basket and you will WANT to take it shopping. Plastic produce bags are the next step and in our mass + muster ‘Green at Home’ and ‘Green Living‘ gift boxes you will find your new favourite grocery companion, an organic mesh cotton bag that holds around 15 apples. If more people use these, the plastic options will disappear.

Start Shopping in Bulk:

While bulk food stores have been around for a long-time, they have often only had specialty items and been more expensive than traditional supermarkets. Today you can go and stock up on all your staples and fill up your glass jars so your pantry looks like “kitchen goals”. It’s so much better to shop in bulk anyway, then the same things don’t reappear on your shopping list every week resulting in a whole lot more of throwaway food packaging. Places like The Source Bulkfoods have over 50 stores across Australia and are paving the way for conscious consumption by promoting zero waste in their stores. It’s time to get out your jam jars ladies! https://thesourcebulkfoods.com.au/

Buy a Bamboo Toothbrush:

You may have never thought about something as simple as your toothbrush, but if you are doing as the dentist says and replacing it every 3 months, that’s a whole lot of plastic toothbrushes in our landfill and oceans, and sometimes in our wildlife’s tummies! These literally take hundreds of years to break down, so it’s time to switch to one made from a more sustainable material; bountiful bamboo! Bamboo is a very sustainable crop because it grows faster than any plant on the planet, requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from it’s own roots so doesn’t need to be replanted. You can compost the handle and recycle the bristles every time you need to replace your toothbrush. This is such an easy switch to do in the household to make a positive change in our war on waste. To make it simple for you, our mass + muster ‘For Her Plastic Free,’ ‘Green Living’ and ‘Better for You’ gift boxes all have one of these beauties inside.

Switch to Glass Tupperware Containers:

Glass food storage is the way to go for more reasons than one. We all know plastic is a huge environmental issue but did you know there are health risks when plastic is heated. Two substances in plastic; BPA and phthalates are endocrine disrupters meaning they mimic human hormones and can cause chronic health problems. Glass is also cleaner than plastic, it doesn’t absorb food, germs or smells and glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. We love the containers over at Seed and Sprout and think it’s the perfect excuse for a shopping spree! https://seedsprout.com.au/

Say No to Straws:

The poorest excuse for single-use plastic yet. Straws are so lightweight they often blow down drains and end up in our oceans, completely fatal when stuck in the airways of animals. A straw is probably used for 30 seconds and then takes 1000s of years to breakdown. Please people, order your drinks without straws and for those that need to use them, take your own wherever you go! There are stainless steel, glass and bamboo options on the market, and we even have some in our mass + muster ‘Green Living’ and ‘Better for You’ gift boxes. They are so stylish you will want to show them off and let’s be honest, will make your smoothies look cuter for Instagram.

Ditch the takeaways:

If your takeaway containers are stocking up in the bottom drawer, then it might be time to re-think your dinner times. These types of plastic containers often contain Polystyrene which is a toxin for the brain and nervous system (if it has a triangle with a number 7 on the bottom then it definitely has this toxin in it). If you don’t feel look cooking, then take the time to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy your meal mindfully. Not only will it do wonders for the environment, but it will make for an enjoyable and relaxing experience – no cooking, no dishes and no plastic! Hallelujah !

Use Beeswax Wraps instead of Cling Wrap:

While Beeswax wraps may feel expensive compared to a $3 roll of gladwrap, you can be rest assured they are worth every penny. They are an easy, convenient, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap, made from cotton and coated in all natural beeswax that is completely food safe. They can be used time and time again, can be composted once they reach the end of their life (around 1 year of use) and make your fridge look fun with the plethora of patterns you can buy. The only downside, you can’t use them on raw meat, fish or wet food items, but we think that’s minor compared to the brilliant benefits. You can find them in our mass + muster ‘Green at Home’ and ‘Green Living’ gift boxes.

Be Prepared when Travelling:

Travel with a re-usable set of cutlery, an insulated drink bottle that can double as a flask for hot tea/coffee, stainless steel straws and tote bags as well as your own headphones so you don’t have to open the plastic packs on the plane. Also, pack your plane toiletries in a cute clear makeup bag instead of always grabbing the ziplock bags (imagine how many of those they go through a day just because people aren’t organised). Take your own healthy snacks so there is no need to accept the plastic tray of, well, just more plastic. Who wants to eat airplane food full of nasties anyway? Not us! All it takes is a little organisation people!

A staggering fact is that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish….If that freaks you out, we suggest you take on board our top 10 ways to say `seeya’ to single-use plastics! It’s the little things that don’t cost the planet but make a big difference to the state of it.

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